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Ross Siev
United States
I've been making Garry's Mod comics for 10 years now. Most of the comics typically involve comedy with a slight mixture of drama.

According to reader reactions, I recommend most of my Team Fortress 2 work, non-canon Servers comics, and the single screenshot stories.

If you don't want to make a DevArt account but would like to see my work, go to the website below.
New year, new month, new something.

Yep, sorry for not getting the promised stuff out in time.  Been swamped with work (mainly games and binging on Phineas and Ferb).  I promise that I'll get those stuff out at some point, but at a appropriate time.

Right now 100% focus is on Servers Redone Season 1 and Of Monsters and Men.  I'm not sure when those will be fully done.


Boogie Night by usaokay
Boogie Night
Rhythm binds everyone together regardless of race, gender, or any background preference.

The only difference that matters is song preference. Fortunately in the Game Helmet's dance floor, the song can be specified to a specific user, so while one player boogies down on punk, another is twerking to pop.

For the Bravo team, they sought to teach their student, Frank, how to boogie down on the dance floor. It was a spur of the moment decision as no one wanted to play the same ol' shooting games again. Fortunately enough, no one needs to be an expert on how to become the best dancer on the floor, though it only contributes to the fact that everyone else is just as bad at dancing. Still, it didn't stopped everyone from having a good time.
New year, new month, new something.

Yep, sorry for not getting the promised stuff out in time.  Been swamped with work (mainly games and binging on Phineas and Ferb).  I promise that I'll get those stuff out at some point, but at a appropriate time.

Right now 100% focus is on Servers Redone Season 1 and Of Monsters and Men.  I'm not sure when those will be fully done.
The Three Bravos by usaokay
The Three Bravos
"Help! There's a dragon nearby our settlem-" but before the newbie player could finish his shaken up sentence, he noticed a peculiar sight on the three heroes he was trying to get help from. They aren't in the same art style as everyone else. In fact, you might say that they have more blocks than the entire world combined. Never the less about the players not taking the whole "roleplaying" element seriously, the village needs help. A high-powered dragon monthly boss has been the target of many trolls who will lead it to the nearby village. While the village could ban the trolls, it would be economically better to send in three idiots to handle such a mighty feat. What they don't know is that one idiot has the power to easily defeat the dragon with ease.

"Don't worry, m'villager!" shouted Frank, who pointed up into the air to the bemusement of Bravo 1. "Thee shall slay ye mighty beast for ye!"

"Okay bro," the villager responded. "I have no idea what you just said. Just kill that boss for us and we'll probably give you a hat or something."

"Bravo 2! Have ye procured us some mounts and weapons for our dashing adventure ahead?" Frank said to Bravo 2, who returned from the shops.

Bravo 2, took a sip of his virtual beer, and looked behind to his three purchases: A wolf, a pig, and a horse.

"Like you said, Frank," Bravo 2 said, "Three animals for us, and a shovel for Bravo 1 so he can feel like that Shovel Knight guy. We need to finish this boss training quickly, cause we got something else planned for today."

"Aha! Then let us ride off into the unknown so we can be written into legends!" Frank said, still talking in a medieval accent.

Everyone groaned at Frank.
Moonbase Soul by usaokay
Moonbase Soul
Frank stepped out into the zero-G environment. At first, he wondered how he managed to breath in space, but the thought that came after it was, "You're an idiot. This is a game, so who cares." Frank looked around his surroundings, hoping that a slim chance of any developer would place a cheese around the moon, but all he could see are rocks, the moon's surface, and an encampment with several players in it.

"Hello, hello, Frank!" said Bravo 2, who organized the meet-up.

Frank hopped and floated towards Bravo 2 while shouting from a distance, "WHAT'S WITH THE CAMP?! WHAT ARE WE DOING?!"

"You don't need to shout. I can still hear you well through my mic," Bravo 2 annoyingly responded. "We're just going to train in a zero-G environment. You have to be prepared to fight in any area. Plus, fighting in space is fun."

Bravo 1, who was busy unloading supplied, accidentally dropped a guitar. Frank, despite that he's far away, saw the guitar.


Bravo 1 was embarrassed. When she heard that they're going camping, she was used to the idea of singing songs around the campfire. She couldn't let Bravo 2 know anything about her, especially that she was once a musician or a girl. In her flustered expression, she attempted to hide her instrument until she heard a tap from her shoulder. She turned around to see a player in a NASA astronaut suit carrying a guitar. She realized that she was going to be challenged to a sing-off or a duet. Nonetheless, she has to find a way out of this situation.

Luckily, Frank hopped into the situation just in time to make a statement to everyone's surprise.

"Thanks for my guitar, Bravo 1! Hey, buddy," Frank said as he turned to the astronaut. "You wanna duet? I'll get the beers for ya."

"Yep yep yep," the astronaut responded back. "I'll choose the song."

"Let me guess, it's Super Mario Bros 2 overworld theme?"

The astronaut paused for a moment in a slight awkwardness.

"...No. Let's play I Want You Back by Jackson 5."

"Alrighty then, let's do it. Let me sing too for the heck of it."

Frank and the astronaut pulled out their folding chairs and began playing for the small audience.

Last summer, screenie stories of Servers, Team Fortress 2 Originals, and Jane Doe: Crap Attorney premiered to positive reactions from DevArt and Garry's Mod Steam community.

Now from December 28th to Jan. 1st, screenie stories is making another run with a direct focus on Servers.  Thus, I changed the title from 'Screenie Stories' to 'Stories from the Field' to better fit the world of Servers.

The end of next week's Stories from the Field will coincide with a new non-canon Servers comic.

Like the recently released 'A Bravo Christmas,' all future screenshots will be a bit larger than last summer's screenies.

See you on the field soon.

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